Where the f*ck do I start?

"I love reading your stuff but you're interests and skill-set is so broad it's difficult to know, for someone like me who's coming into this stuff from a completely different background, where to start. What skills to focus on acquiring first etc.,?"

below is a list of my technical skills acquisition, ordered chronologically. next is a scoring of these skills to help separate signal from noise. note that the years indiciate when i began* learning that skill, not necessarily when i became competent.

  1. 2001 - violin, music theory

  2. 2003 - guitar

  3. 2005 - typing on a keyboarfd

  4. 2006 - live performance / public speaking

  5. 2010 - door to door sales

  6. 2011 - basic accounting (running penny margins at MylarDesigns.com)

  7. 2012 - writing (began ryanckulp.com blog)

  8. 2013 - dating (in long term relationships before this, was now in NYC and in shape)

  9. 2014 - freelancing / pitching (after quitting my first full time job)

  10. 2015 - programming (quit my job, moved to Thailand)

  11. 2016 - product management (acquired NotifyApp.io, spent every revenue dollar hiring developers)

  12. 2017 - personal branding (speaking at more conferences, podcast interviews, forming "original" ideas)

  13. 2019 - teaching (launched multiple, successful online courses)

  14. 2020 - Korean language

  15. 2021 - product manufacturing and ecommerce (launched Yangmal Game)

  16. 2022 - farming / ranching (moved to Kulp Estates)

if i could only choose 3 focus areas:

  • typing

  • coding

  • selling

when you make something useful, you get paid. when you make something interesting, you get asked to talk about it. when you have a unique experience, you'll feel compelled to write about it.

what humans do not need: public speaking, performance, personal branding, really anything that smells of "status."

in summary: add value, get paid, avoid the "Austin" thing, and live life.