Where should I begin my career in sales and how do I go about doing this?

Sales is a bitch. I recommend you start as an inside sales rep, meaning you handle the onboarding of inbound prospects versus learning to cold call.

Tactically, you could do this...

  • Find a local service type company that doesn't have complicated customer lingo, such as a consumer landscaping fleet. Tell them you can help with client scheduling and calling back prospects when they (owners) are working with their team, typically in the afternoons. You'll learn how to manage multiple relationship (followups, sales piepline) and prioritize who should get what attention from the execution part of the team/company.
  • Get a job in retail, potentially one with commission such as an appliance store. You'll learn about product deep-dives (devil is in the details) and develop skills like positioning an offer after listening to customers.
  • Do you have a car? I once hung flyers for "Christmas tree removal" on 100s of mailboxes the week of Christmas and then got paid to pick up + recycle neighbors' trees via my pickup truck. Doing this further teaches customer relations, scheduling / prioritizing contacts, customer service (and getting tips above the wage), as well as asking for the sale (on the phone, in your flyer, at their door, etc).

Just a few thoughts. I assume you want to be in sales because you want to reap the rewards of performance-based work.

But alas, it is a double-edged sword so you'll want to a) start where the demand is included, b) optimize your close technique, then c) start drumming up your own business.

Good luck!