Where can you still find land for as low as $500 /acre?


while searching for my house (which took 8 months, so i'm not claiming this is easy) i followed a great Instagram account called Landio. they share raw land deals multiple times per day, and i recall seeing random blocks of 25, 50, 100+ acre lots that worked out to $500-1,000 per acre.

there are usually a few challenges with this type of land, however.

  • sometimes they're so remote you'd have to build your own well for water, or even a gravel road to access your property

  • possible long distances to hospitals or home improvement stores for building supplies

  • you may have to pay the city for e.g. cable to be trenched from a main road to your house, in order to get regular internet

after a quick search on Zillow, here's a 40-acre lot for $497 /acre:


big open states like Colorado have the most supply of these type properties.