What tools/services do you personally pay for?

outside of business expenses i personally pay for 3 services:

  • Dropbox Pro - 2 terabytes @ $119 /year

  • Google Drive - 100gb for $1.99 /month

  • Mailplane - $39 for a "forever / family" license

i cancelled my Netflix + Hulu accounts, then my wife resubscribed.

i don't pay for my blog's WordPress hosting because i took advantage of a lifetime free account promotion that WP Engine offered in 2011.

i recently got a personal assistant but her cost is absorbed by a few of my businesses.

since i travel full time i buy a new SIM card every few weeks, but i don't otherwise have a cell plan. i don't have any games or apps on my phone or pay for any apps on my phone. i used to subscribe to Xbox Live but rarely played.

i used to have a gym membership at Equinox ($215 /month) but now i work out in playgrounds or get temporary memberships while traveling. usually these are < $50 per month.

i pay around $90 per month for a storage unit in Austin, Texas that holds my personal belongings (tv, couch, bed, kitchen gear).

will add more if i think of them. pretty much i don't pay for anything personally, my recurring subscriptions are all work related.