What SEO course do you recommend?

while in Medellin last month i enrolled in Glen Allsop's "SEO Blueprint" course (not a sponsored / affiliate link). there are over 175 lectures, it's a total beast.

i watched ~34 lectures in about a week, taking notes throughout. ultimately i had to stop because there were too many ideas floating around in my head. i will continue the curriculum after depleting my new SEO todo list.

besides the strategic and tactical knowledge in the course, SEO Blueprint helped me realize what kind of life i want in the future. yes, seriously.

you see, to figure out what makes you happy, it's easiest to first think about what makes you unhappy. then eliminate those items. a few of mine:

  • phone calls and meetings. as my tiny bit of influence grows, more people want a piece of me or my time. it's already untenable, actually. i hired an assistant, set up autoreplies on emails, deleted the ability to send/receive SMS, and more. SEO allows you to make money through asynchronous vs synhronous work.

  • hedonic treadmills. in most business contexts, once you stop showing up to work, the sales stop too. yes, even in software. SEO creates compound interest such that [ironically] your biggest payday may be months or years after doing 90% of the work.

  • managing people. i loved Paul Jarvis' Company of One. at most companies, making more money begets hiring and managing more people + risk. no matter how great a developer or marketer you are, you can never do both simultaneously as well as a team of specialists. SEO is a unique skillset that can more reasonably be owned by a single player.

over the weekend i launched my first-ever niche content, SEO project. it's a website, written in Korean, that targets Korean speaking songwriters. i built the site in < 2 days and it already has 5,800 auto generated, dynamic pages of content.

i have a roadmap of features and SEO tactics to execute, which i hope will get me to 20,000+ pages of content and a roadmap toward monetization within the next 90 days.

to stay tuned about the project, follow me on Twitter. if you're interested in significantly advancing your SEO chops, enroll in the course.