What do you read? Newsletters, books, podcasts?

when I started my tech career in 2012 I subscribed to all the "usual suspects" -- marketers like Andrew Chen, VC's like Mark Suster, and publications like TechCrunch.

soon i had so many subscriptions, say at least 150, that i needed a tool to keep my feed in check. so i got Google Reader.

when Google Reader was shut down i quickly transitioned to Feedly, where i lived for a couple hours a day for perhaps 2 more years until mid 2015.

then it hit me.

[most] blog posts -- especially case studies and "how i did this" stories -- are porn.

at this point i folded my feeble attempts to keep up with "all the things" and pivoted to books. moreover, i pivoted my limited reading time to learn more about things that don't change.

while not always true, many authors spend a lot more time and effort researching and thinking about topics in books than bloggers think about topics for their weekly newsletter.

here is a list of some of my favorite books. i need to add at least 30 from 2019: https://www.ryanckulp.com/now-reading

i currently subscribe to the following newsletters:

  • Monday Medley by Nat Eliason

  • Hacker Newsletter by Kale

  • UX Notebook by Sarah Doody

  • Product Habits by Hiten Shah

  • Tangential Tuesdays by Taylor


i do not listen to podcasts, but i've been interviewed on dozens of them. some of my favorite appearances are here, here, and here.