How do I deal with building wealth while having a poor extended family/friends?

first, i'm going to add the requester's context here, to help other readers:

"These ppl do not understand wealth building and have gotten in the way in the past. ie: Asking for advice without doing the work. Asking to start something with me when they have no skills. Will ask for money if they knew I had become rich."

here goes.

if the question was "while having poor friends," my answer would be simple: cut them out of your life. they're a tumor.

but it has that dreaded word... family.

here's the deal:

  • you don't choose your family, and your family didn't choose you

  • your mom will probably always love you no matter what, even if you murder someone

  • if your family is a tumor for your goals (and your goals are wholesome), they should not get a "pass"

i've cut out many people from my life. some family, some friends, some acquaintances, some bosses, some neighbors. you have one life, and nobody will give you a 2nd try.

so pick your poison. tell your uncle "sorry man, i can't help you, you need to pave your own way." or, slink back in your chair while the world keeps turning.