Has your current international trip made you more or less likely to do a similar one in the future? Would you consider moving outside the US indefinitely?

i'm enjoying my year+ long travels but to be clear: the more i'm away from the US, the more i realize how special it is.

governments and economies and military strength and personal freedoms aside, it's the simple things.

take air conditioning. Europe does not believe in A/C. the weather is ~just mild enough in many EU countries, and old stone buildings keep out the heat well enough, that i don't think they comprehend how bizarre it is to live like it's the 1800s.

or not tipping at restaurants. it sounds good in theory, until you realize most waiters abroad hate their job and hate you too. as Charlie Munger says: "show me the incentive and i'll show you the outcome."

finally, manners. in the US, UK, and some parts of Asia there are well-maintained rules of society. opening doors for one another, excusing ourselves when we accidentally cut in line. most places abroad do not abide by these rules. the moment you land in China, for example, you will be pushed and shoved off the airplane.

i would never consider moving outside the US indefinitely, it's the greatest place on earth. but while in my 20s, working remotely, with no kids or mortgage... why not?