Are you ever apprehensive about opening up -- sharing personal things and ideas?

it's tempting to say "no" and answer the next question.

but it's also worth examining that, sure, over-sharing does come with a price.

for one, i'll probably never win public office. there are too many Tweets, jokes, blog posts, and videos of me saying silly stuff. even i won't regret it later (i won't), this material could be taken out of context and tank my campaign.

that's just a simple example.

i also can't capitalize on a persona of mystery, which seems beneficial to some of my peer creators who have more time to focus, produce, and think due to not committing themselves to a life in public.

and finally, sharing ideas. i agree with Derek that ideas are not "worthless," rather they are a multiplier.

sometimes my execution is better than my ideas, sometimes it's the other way around. in the latter case, i am essentially "giving away" value by sharing an idea in public vs bartering it for something better. oh well.

bottom line: i don't regret living in the open but i won't pretend it's objectively better and it's definitely not right for everyone.